On May 24, 2019, we announced the creation of The Scorpions Scholarship Fund that will directly help Scorpions Players and their families.  Scorpions Baseball was founded with the  MISSION of helping ALL of its players advance to the NEXT LEVEL and play in college and beyond.  The Scorpions Scholarship Fund takes the encouragement and preparation that the organization does and adds financial assistance to its means.  We are 100% dedicated to helping every player attain a college degreee.


 An Advisory Board will be set to monitor fundraising, costodianship, and the awarding of scholarships for The Scorpions Scholarship Fund.  




Merit Scholarships - The Advisory Board will create several scholarships based on accolades, community services, hard work, etc.


Tenure Scholarships - These are guaranteed to every High School Senior Scorpions player.  Award amounts will be based on longevity with the club.  A first year player will receive 1X whereas a 7 year player will recieve 7X




Galas - events will raise money through ticketing, auctions, etc.  Events will include special venues, guest speakers, enrichment activities and more.


Donations - as a 501(c)3, we will encourage tax-deductible donations from individuals and corporations.  Donations for The Scorpions Scholarship Fund can be earmarked as well.




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